Be inspired,  study music in Cuba ...

Rarely do you get the chance to play with and learn from Masters.

At The Rodriguez Workshop (Taller Rodriguez) you have the opportunity to spend time with some of the best musicians in Cuba - a country known for its incredible musical traditions.


Complete tours are available (see sample schedule) or make special arrangements for your Master classes.


Anyone from a novice to a Master will benefit from attending the Taller (Workshop).  We specialize in classes in Guitar (and fretted instruments, like tres, tiple, 18 string lute etc), Flute (recorder & traditional flute), Percussion, Voice and can arrange for classes in other instruments by special request.


If you don’t play an instrument yet, join us for our Introduction to Latin Music (Music for the non-musician) where you will learn about the various rhythms through dance, percussion, lecture and just plain fun.


NEW - Now you can also take dance lessons with a Professional instructor!

Why do we do it?


The idea of creating ‘Taller Rodriguez’ or in English The Rodriguez Workshop was to offer visitors the possibility of understanding, learning and being able to really play the rhythms and genres of Latin America in a beautiful and artistic environment that rejuvenates you every day.


We believe that music has the ability to unify, uplift & inspire and that Latin American music in particular has a depth of emotion, romance & complexity that enhances life.


We want to share it with you.

The Best Musicians!


- Listed in the catalogue of Excellent Musicians for the Province of Cienfuegos


- Cubadisco award winners!


- Toured internationally




- A beautiful city known as “The Pearl of the South”


- UNESCO World Heritage City